Friday, June 02, 2006

Missional Mayhem

We sure do love our "buzzwords" in Southern Baptist life. It seems to me that our newest addition to the semantic salad bar is "missional." I have been amazed at the incredible level of linguistic surgery and analysis among "missional Baptists" in the world of blogdom over this humble little word.

The simple reality is that you do not have to be a twenty-something, an emerging churchish person, have a goatee, spend ten hours a day in a coffee shop, do text messaging and IM, know Ed Stetzer personally (I actually am honored to know Dr. Stetzer, by the way, had a class with him), or even be a postmodern-renegade-spiritualist- fighting-against-the- archaic-SBC-system blogger to be missional.

Do you want to me "Missional?" Then invest yourself in the next generation. The church of today is in our colleges and high schools ... even in our middle schools. Let's set a missional example for them. Let's teach them how to share their faith and plant new churches. Let's stop beating our heads against the established past and look to the future. It is now!

We have a strategy. Check it out at .

My humble advice is that we should all spend a whole lot less time sitting around thinking about how we are "missional," get out into our communities, and BE MISSIONAL!!!

Gotta go. I have a culture to engage, people to love, churches to plant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you were a good student, too, if I recall.

Keep working in the mission!

Ed Stetzer

4:09 PM  
Blogger Geoff Baggett said...

Gracias. I did get an A+ in your Intro to Church Planting (a.k.a. Urban Evangelism) class many moons ago. I guess it all took ... I'm planting churches. Heck, I might even graduate someday! :)

5:29 AM  

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