Saturday, June 03, 2006

Student Pastors = Church Planters?

I don't know if any academic studies have been done, or if anyone has really searched to find a connection, but it seems clear to me that many (if not most) of our church planters are coming from the world of student ministry. I know that's what happened in my own life and ministry, as well as many of my friends.

I'm pretty sure that the more student pastors involve their students in Church Planting, the more students pastors we will find being called out to plant churches. And that's okay. In fact, it's better than okay!

One young man who has taken this step in his journey of faith is a friend of mine named Josh Culver. Josh brought his rather large youth group (somewhere around 40 students) to my PowerPlant projet in Colorado Springs last summer. He partnered with a "restart" there called Springs Ranch Church. He listened and studied carefully in our Church Planting training seminars. And God used that experience to fan the flames of his newly discovered passion to plant a church.

Josh took a huge step of faith and planted Pillar Church in LaGrange, Georgia. He has gathered a core group and launched this church without a dime of denominational money. He is working extra jobs to meet his family's needs. He is stretched as thin as can be ... and loving every passionate, heart-pounding minute of it. He also has a heart to help other church planters, and is involved in a company that provides web site help for new church starts. Church Planting has taken root in his heart and ministry. And God used the pathway of student ministry to get him there. Help feed his fire. Send him a quick note of encouragement to .

Youth / Student Pastor ... are you walking a similar life path? Are you struggling with a call to church planting? I would love to talk to you about it. We can help you explore that call at .


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