Thursday, November 16, 2006

Short Term Missions: My Most Memorable Experience

Kenya - 1997
People Group: Maasai

Most of us have who live and minister "stateside" have gone on short-term mission trips to various places. Many of us have ministered in other places in North America. Others have ventured to leave home, cross a cultural barrier, and take the Gospel to the nations.

My most memorable, life-changing, growing experience was almost ten years ago, when I led a team from my church to work among the Maasai people in the nation of Kenya. We ministered in an area called Ilkushin, in southern Kenya, near the border with Tanzania. This was my first-ever experience with church planting. I'll be sharing stories from this experience ... and the lessons learned ... over my next several posts.

What about you? What was your most memorable, life-impacting, growing experience in cross-cultural missions? What did you learn?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff,
My most life-impacting moment on a short term mission trip occurred a year and a half ago while on a trip to China. I met a man who will remain nameless that bore scares on his body for being a witness for Christ. I also attended a worship service in which I didn't understand a word being said or sang. However, I got the message loud and clear. These Chinesse Christians loved Jesus so much that they were willing to put everything they had on the line for their LORD, even their very lives. I came away from that experience very challenged in my faith.

Paul From Jonesboro

9:47 PM  

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