Saturday, June 03, 2006

Safe Houses Needed

Here is an easy way to help church planters:

Lots of our planters are from one part of the country and serve in another (I know some of you feel strongly about being indigenous so if you want to talk about that, post your thoughts). Getting back and forth to visit family, friends or sponsors is expensive and tiring. Missionmpossible has formed a network of safehouses to provide free lodging for church planters on the road. To become a safehouse, you just have to be willing to host a church planter and family in your home for a night as they travel. Making them french toast in the morning before they leave would not be a bad idea, and praying for and with them is a must.

To find you, they would go on our interactive map on our website and get in touch with you through your church. For more info, check out our website at Click on the safehouses tab to see our map and email me at roger@missionmpossible to sign up as a safehouse. Your church can also sign up to host youth groups on their way to a missionmpossible project. Ain't that easy?


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