Sunday, June 04, 2006

Collegiate Partnerships

Our new friend, Kiki Cherry, from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, has reminded us of an extremely important aspect of our Mission M Possible strategy. It involves having a defined strategy to maintain mentoring relationships with students into and beyond their college years. We dream of creating an environment where Christian students make their college choices based upon missional, rather than economic, reasons. Wouldn't it be so unbelievably cool to have a Christian students going off to certain schools because they sense God calling them there to do ministry, and maybe even plant a church ... not just to get the degree and make lots of money someday (though both of those goals are okay, too :) )?

So, we want to help facilitate this process. We want to make this a part of our expanding Church Planting / Ministry network. Next summer, we will be completing our first round of projects and recruiting our first group of "Church Planting Sleeper Agents" and "Church Planting Youth Groups" (see to understand what I'm talking about). We want to connect those motivated, ministry-driven, trained, passionate students and student ministries with collegiate ministries that will reach out to them and find ways to draw them in.

I will (ASAP) post a new page on our web site ... I'll call it "Collegiate Partners," or something like that ... it will most likely have a name that fits within our spy theme. Anyway, on that page I will begin to list our Collegiate Ministry partners. These are the schools and ministries that, through our mentoring process, we will point our students toward. Think about it. We will let you "recruit" our agents to come and serve on your campuses.

We just need your info (or, as we call it at Mission M Possible, "intel"). Please send your name and contact information to . Make sure you give me a phone # so I can give you a call. I like to talk ... can you tell? And we will make some plans, swap some stories, and I will get your school, ministry, and links up on our site. We will also welcome you and at our projects and offer you the opportunity to promote your ministries through talks, printed materials, media ... whatever.

Just another way that we can help prepare the next generation of church planters at Mission M Possible. If you have any more brilliant ideas like Kiki ... just let me know.




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