Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Going Global

What a day! Our blog has taken off, thanks to a well-written post by Roger at SBC Outpost . We have had close to a hundred first-time visitors today, including new friends in the Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Taiwan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Israel (Jerusalem!), Indonesia, France, Southeast Asia, and Benin!!

One of our new friends, Kevin Sanders in the Philippines, has expressed some interest in connecting to bring our trained college students to help reach college students in Manila.

Isn't that cool? People all around the world are reading the positive message, engaging with thoughtful articles and updates from Mission M Possible, and catching the vision!

We hope that all of our friends in North America and around the world will add us to their daily reading lists. We promise to deliver thoughtful, encouraging news from the emerging world of Student Church Planting.


Blogger Roger Ferrell said...

I like the cool little spaceships graphic. And I really like the fact that we had almost 100 hits today. Good stuff! Let's keep encouraging the Body with good news of those who are planting churches and embarking on the mission that God made possible!

8:49 PM  

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