Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Our ministry accomplished something very important yesterday. I'm in the Atlanta area for a couple of days, planning and scheming with my Mission M Possible ministry partner, Roger Ferrell. We had a meeting yesterday with Dr. Jim Millirons of the Church Planting Team at the Georgia Baptist Convention. He was most gracious, kind, and encouraging. It was clear that we shared the same passions and vision. And, praise the Lord! We nailed down a working partnership with our friends in the Church Planting Team of the GBC. We're going to work together to facilitate Church Planting. We're also going to create a network among youth pastors in Georgia for the specific purpose of involving youth ministries and Baptist students in Church Planting ... in Georgia and beyond! Exciting stuff! Our Savannah, Georgia, project is now confirmed, off, and running!

Partnerships are important. They remain important to those of us who consider ourselves as missional Baptists. We're looking forward to establishing many, many more partnerships like this one in the coming days. In fact, we would really like to partner with you.

Find out more about how you can partner with us in mobilizing students for evangelism and Church Planting. Got to .



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